Anatoliy Makarenko meeting with representatives of the program EXBS

February 3, 2015 meeting of the Deputy Chairman Anatoly Makarenko GFSU with the program EXBS. In discussing the issues of further interaction involved, in addition to the deputy chairman of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, on the part of our country - Oleg Ovchinnikov (Director of the Department of International Relations) from the EXBS - Program Coordinator Elena Voronina and program advisor David Sulaberidze.

At a meeting to negotiate customs control of Ukraine's borders and protection against the importation of weapons of mass destruction. In particular, discussed the issue of technical equipment of checkpoints and delivery in a short time the new mobile system «VACIS». This setting using a gamma-radiation allows to obtain X-ray images to inspect tanks, containers, trucks, rail cars and other objects with the load. It is fully autonomous and does not need an external software.

Also discusses how to use the previously delivered hardware. Between the participants of the meeting, agreements were reached on further cooperation and promotion of awareness and training activities under the program EXBS.
The important point is that funding increases. The budget of the seventh stage of the program has grown to 800,000 US dollars (from 1000 to 1800 000 000).

For information: EXBS program is aimed at providing effective assistance from the United States to establish a sound comprehensive capabilities to detect and contain weapons of mass destruction and related materials at the borders of Ukraine - the state border areas on land and at sea ports.

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