Alignment with Europe Ukrainian government imposition of duties on imports

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine intends to introduce customs duties on imports of various goods of mass consumption. It is planned to establish a fee for food at a rate of 10% for food goods supplied from abroad, - 5%. Innovation will not affect essential goods - gas, gasoline, diesel fuel. According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, such taxes will bring the state budget revenue of about 17 billion hryvnia. However, the designated duty on imports has not been approved and is not valid. The new ordinance will begin his legal action only after it is agreed with the International Monetary Fund and other international financial institutions. Some factions of Parliament have expressed concern that the entry into force of this law contradicts Evroassotsiatsii signed by Ukraine earlier, in 2014.

Talks about what should be the customs duty on imports in Ukraine is still underway and the final decision is made. So, January 5, 2015 consultations were held between representatives of the government of our country and the members of the European Commission. The negotiations have not been completed. Matching the size and timing of the introduction of duties on imports is still ongoing. The final decision will be announced at the conclusion of the dialogue.

Press Secretary of the Commission on Trade Daniel Rosario states that the import tax should not violate WTO rules. He says that all the international financial institutions are open to dialogue with Ukraine and provide the necessary advice. The European Union is concerned about the unstable economic situation in Ukraine and support the measures taken to stabilize it. One of them is the introduction of customs duties on imports. This will help maintain the balance of trade and the replenishment of foreign exchange reserves.

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