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95% of domestic meat producers are not ready to enter the European market

The assertion that the vast majority of Ukrainian enterprises engaged in processing and manufacture of meat products does not comply with European standards, not unreasonably. Igor Chudovsky holding the position of director of the department of legal and legislative work of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, said that 90-95% of the Ukrainian producers of meat products can not fully cooperate with the EU.

The problem is that most businesses - a homestead farm, where proper control over the processing of products could not be implemented. The result is a violation of the conditions of detention and storage of meat. To be able to move closer to the European level, it is necessary to overcome the lack of sanitation and stop issuing low-quality animal feed. Europe does not understand how it is possible to sell products produced on backyard farms, and Ukraine to find solutions to these problems.

Director of the Department of Livestock Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food Elena Olshanova told about the situation with dairy products. 66% Ukrainian producers of this industry can not compete with EU countries. The main problems are linked again with the homestead farms. 8 million tons of milk from 11 million tons produced in the private household plots. Only 45% (8 million) are due process, and the rest sold on the informal market.

In the Ukrainian dairy products often find palm oil and antibiotics that do not comply with European standards.
Elena Olshanova argues that the most competitive in the Ukraine is the vegetable industry, which is ready to enter the European market.

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