How much does the customs clearance of imported goods to Ukraine?

Drawing up a business plan, you need to lay it real data on cost of customs clearance of containers or consignments at the port and the prices for the services of customs brokers. Incorrectly-calculated costs for customs clearance can neutralize the benefits of working with suppliers from China, Europe or the United States.

But how much is in the Ukraine, customs clearance of goods imported from abroad? This question is relevant for beginners in the field of import, and companies are constantly working with foreign suppliers of raw materials and finished products.

Recognizing the cost of cargo clearance at the time of filling in the customs declaration is not the most sensible option. In order not to be faced with unpleasant surprises, it is necessary beforehand to calculate the potential costs. To do this, classifiers and directories arm and calculate the price for customs clearance of each party, which are planning to import into the customs territory of Ukraine.

  • duty rate (0 to 20%) according to the current edition of the Law "On the Common Customs Tariff";
  • VAT - 20% (for health care products - 7%);
  • excise taxes;
  • special, anti-dumping and other duties.

At the cost of customs clearance of imported used vehicles / y influenced by other factors: the year of manufacture of car, engine size and type of fuel consumed. The import of vehicles older than 5 years may be uneconomical because of high taxes.

Counting the cost of customs clearance online

To make life easier for customers, the company launched SeaWay convenient service - an online calculator, which helps to accurately calculate how much it costs the customs clearance of goods in Ukraine. This is a simple tool with which you can quickly, without delving into the intricacies of the law, to calculate the cost of customs clearance, taking into account current tariffs and find out how it is advisable to import certain goods in Ukraine.

To calculate the data must be entered:

  • country of origin;
  • code according to the Ukrainian classifier of products FEA Act 2014;
  • the currency of the contract;
  • the price of imported goods by invoice.

Calculators to calculate the cost of customs clearance of goods and vehicles give real value, which can be taken into account when drawing up a business plan, because they laid the current tariff rates. Algorithms of calculation and rates of duties, taxes and fees are constantly updated in accordance with changes in the Customs Code, laws of Ukraine and the regulations governing the procedure for importation of imported products.

More information about the principles of calculating the cost of customs clearance and characteristics of certain categories of goods import to Ukraine can be obtained from the company's consultants SeaWay. We are ready to quickly and competently answer any question on the prices of customs clearance of cargoes and containers at sea ports of Odessa and the Black Sea (Ilyichevsk) and largest aviation hubs of Ukraine (Kiev, Borispol, Odessa, Dnipro, and others.).


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